– Yes? Hello? This is Ben Bot speaking from the Netherlands. Excuse me? No no, Bot. Ben Bot. Is that you, miss Rice?
– Ah! Mister Bot! How’s life in Copenhagen?
– No no, it is The Hague in the Netherlands, miss Rice. The place where the International Court of Justice of the United Nations is situated.
– International Court of Justice? Never heard of. But never mind, what can I do for you, Ben?
– Well, miss Rice. As the minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands, it is my duty to tell you that our prime minister is very concerned.
– O?
– Because of the secret prisons of the CIA.
– Yes?
– And he is a little bit disappointed too.
– Aha.
– And also, well… irritated.
– Irritated? Who’s irritated?
– Jan Peter Balkenende.
– Jen Pieter? Say that again.
– Jan Peter Balkenende. Our prime minister. But you can call him JP.
– Well, Ben, thanks for sharing this information with me. Have a nice day and…
– One moment miss Rice. The Dutch parliament asked me to tell you they feel… eehhh… well…
– Yes?
– They feel… belazerd.
– What’s that?
– That means they are… eeeh… a little bit disappointed too.
– Well, Ben, in the war on terror, everyone gets a little bit disappointed sometimes.
– I understand. But the Dutch parliament wants to know how the Muslims in the secret CIA-prisons are doing.
– How they are doing?
– Yes. Because of the human rights.
– Those prisoners are terrorists and Islamic fascists, Ben. They have no rights.
– I know, I know. But how are they doing?
– Miss Rice?
– Well, let’s say: they are fine, Ben. They are just fine.
– Really?
– Are you there, miss Rice?
– You want to know a secret, Ben?
– O, yes! Please!
– Well, Ben, just between you and me. These captured terrorists told me: please, if Ben Bot from the Netherlands calls, send him our best regards and tell him we’re doing fine.
– O, that is a relief!
– This is our little secret Ben. Do you understand?
– Yes, miss Rice. My lips are sealed.
– And best wishes to the parliament of your great nation, Ben.
– Thank you miss Rice.
– Appreciate your call. Bye Ben.


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